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Which ladies bag fits which figure?

How do you ensure that your ladies bag accentuates all your benefits? What should you pay attention to when you are going to buy a bag?

What we see a lot in the store is that women choose a ladies bag that they like and that is now completely in fashion. When all the things that fit in also need them, then the purchase is arranged. Yet it is good for women to look a bit further when they buy a ladies bag.

Each figure a ladies bag:

A ladies bag can make or break your outfit and look. And that depends entirely on the type of bag you choose in relation to your body. If you choose a bag that accentuates your plus points, then you are of course absolutely right. On the other hand, your bag can ensure that you emphasize points of your figure that you want to hide. That is why we give you some attention points that you can take with you when you buy a new ladies bag.

What kind of body do you have?

So many women, so many different figures and bodies. We have listed the most common ones for you. Includes the bag that best suits your body.

Long and slim

Are you blessed with a tall and slender figure, then you actually still have a wide choice of women’s bags. Only small bags will make you look even longer. Therefore choose an oversized, large or medium sized bag. Ladies bags with rounded finishes are very good for you.

Small is beautiful

Are you small and also fine built, then also fits a small bag best with you? Carry the bag close to your body. A shoulder bag with a short handle is therefore ideal for you. In this way, you look bigger and you emphasize your waist.

Small with female forms:

Female forms are there to be seen. But choose a ladies bag that accentuates them in the right way. Are you built a bit more solid, then you can best take an elongated bag that you carry as a shoulder bag or hold in your hand. In any case, make sure the bag is not too big or too small compared to your whole body.

Women with hips

Women just have hips. Some more than the other. Do you have something more, then a shoulder bag that you can wear under your arm is the solution for you. Make sure at least that the bottom of your bag is well above your hips. An additional advantage is that you also bring your waist extra attention.

Wide shoulders and chest

And then you also have women who are a bit coarser at the top. Wide shoulders and a larger bosom. As a woman, you do not want to draw attention to it immediately. Choose a large bag with a long handle that hangs low on your hips. This will draw attention to your ladies bag and away from the top

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