Types of Jewellerys and accessories for Women’s that available.

Which types of Jewels exist?

There are many kinds of jewelry. We sum up the most important ones.

Bracelet, necklace and anklet

A bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist, or a piece of cloth that is worn around the upper arm for discernment. Bracelets can have many forms. They can be made of beads, of silver or of gold, but also of simple materials, such as a few threads of wool.

A similar ornament around the neck is called a necklace or necklace. A similar piece of jewelry around the ankle is called an ankle strap – usually called the diminutive ankle strap, to be distinguished with an ankle strap for electronic house arrest.


A necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck at the back and at the front close to the neck or slightly further away from it.

The standard length varies from 36 cm tight around the neck to 90 cm. Common lengths are 36, 42, 45, 50 and 60 cm. A chain that can be put on without a lock must be 1.60 to 2 meters long. It is wrapped around the neck several times.

Sometimes a pendant is worn on a chain. In earlier times hangers were worn on cords, strings or laces. By using links the (noble) metal became mobile and it becomes possible to make the entire necklace (pendant and chain) of precious metal.

A traditional necklace is made of silver, gold or doublé. The color of the necklace is adjusted to the hanger. Necklaces can also be made of beads, in all shapes and sizes.

In order for an ensemble of necklace and pendant to stand out well, it is important not to wear gold pendants on a silver chain, but to always choose gold or double gold.


Furthermore, the thickness of the chain must match the size of the pendant and the pendant eye. The hanger must be able to move smoothly over the chain. More than one pendant per chain will leave any of the hangers in any appearance. This also applies to more than one chain. In this case, if one does, the hangers may not touch each other.


A medallion is a small round portrait or a small round or oval image. Medallions are often painted on copper or ivory. In Victorian times (1830-1900) medallions were also made of human hair. Medallions are worn on hangers or brooches. In the philately you speak of a medallion when the portrait of the head of state on a stamp is bounded by a circle or oval.


A piercing is an English-based term for making a hole in the skin (or another superficial part of the body) in order to stab a (usually metal) object. This item itself (Jewelery) is also called piercing.

Piercings are applied in different places in the body or in the face. Examples are through the nipples, through the tongue, through the eyebrow or through a nostril, clitoral hat, navel, glans or scrotum. The most popular five piercings among women are the earlobes, nose, navel, tongue and the upper edge of the ear. Some piercings, for example in the mouth, can lead to medical complications.


An earring is a ring that is worn by the earlobe or the earcup. It is actually a piercing, but the earring is so common that it is usually not seen as such. To be able to do this, a hole has to be made through the ear. Wearing a gold earring by sailors was considered a kind of insurance. If one were to drown and wash up somewhere in an unknown place, the funeral could be financed from the sale of the ring.

A jewel that is screwed to the earlobe is called ear bud (you), the most common collective name for earjewellery is earring (s).


The ring is of all times. With us it is mainly worn around the ring finger, but also around the other fingers and even the thumb a ring can be placed as decoration. Rings with special functions include the engagement ring, the wedding ring, the friendship ring, the bishop and pope ring.


In modern times a tiara is usually a semi-circular band, usually made of metal and decorated with jewels. The tiara is worn by women around their heads, or on their foreheads.


A diadem is originally a band of fabric or metal as a sign of the royal dignity in Greece, but also in Persia and Ancient Egypt. It was taken over by the great leaders of the Imperium Romanum. In other cultures it also served as a sign of wealth or dignity.

Sometimes a diadem was provided with diamond jewelery, as is often the case today. From the diadem, the clamp crown, a frequently used model for a royal crown and the noble crowns of the heraldry, were created. In addition, diadems are still worn by ladies. The wearing of tiaras is customary in royal courts but they also became very popular in New York opera

Crown jewels

The concepts crown jewels, governmentalignies and regalia are often used or interchangeably, but they indicate different objects. Crown jewels is a concept that includes all kinds of jewels associated with the monarchy. Often people speak of crown and scepter as crown jewels, but this is less correct. The crown jewels are a collection of jewelry that are linked to the kingship. It can be diamond rings, diadems, rings, necklaces and brooches.

It was often stated in testaments that certain jewels could only be inherited by the reigning monarch. In a number of countries, including Sweden, it has been established that only the king and his wife are allowed to wear the jewels. In other countries, use by the other members of the Royal Family is also permitted. Denmark owns jewelry that can only be worn by the Queen.

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